13 Miler

The 13 mile loop will be the same loop for the 50 milers and the 13 mile riders with just one minor difference at the very beginning of the ride.  50 mile riders will be completing their 37 miles on Lazy Cow and then head west at the 4 way jeep right at the venue to Coyote Ugly and then down Tu Madre to hook up with Down Under.  13 mile riders will be taking the Pipe line road north to Down Under.  From there the route is the same.  Down Under all the way to the pit toilet at the northern end of the park.  Continue of Down Under to Newman's Pass this time going riders will be going north to south on Newman's Trail.  S. on Sotol forest and then down Rock Shock for a short decent to Blue Moon Rd..  Riders will go south on Blue Moon through the six pack as some people like to call it to upper Mad Cow. Take a left on Mad Cow all the way to the round house.   

Elevation Profile

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