35 Miler

All racers will be setting off to complete the first 6 mile loop which goes south on the pipe line road and then up trench town to rock shock.  At the S. end of Sotol Forest, you will head north until you get to a turn off on your right that heads down Boulder Dash back to the round house.  From the four way, all riders will go north on Pipe line for less than a mile and take a left through the ponding area to get to Coyote Ugly.  Hook back into Sotol and go north to Newman's Trail and then up and over Northern Pass to the west side of the mountain.  After descending Northern Pass on the west side of the mountain you will encounter the first feed zone.  Riders will take a left (south) on Upper Sunset to shortcut 1 after which all riders will go west a short distance to get on Lower Sunset.  Take Lower Sunset all the way to the parking area near the entrance gate to Tom May's entrance booth.  This will lead you to feed zone 2 and you will begin the long climb up to Mundy's Gap using the new single track to avoid the infamous rock garden.  After climbing the new trail riders will take a left on the jeep road to continue to climb up to Mundy's Gap.  Decend Mundy's gap looking for your first left on Happy Hill.  Good down Happy Hill all the way to Blue Moon where you will take a left and a very quick right onto Pole Cat.  At the end of Pole Cat you will take a right (back towards the mountain) on Tin Mine to a large 4 way intersection where you will take a left.  Look for a beautiful piece of single track on your right called Mule Shoe.  After Mule Shoe you will be back on Blue Moon and take a right, left on Deer Valley all the way down A/C draw.  Take a short left (don't go to Cardiac) to Tine Mine where you will take a right to Lazy Cow.  Lazy Cow all the way back to the Round House.  This will be the end of the 35 Mile loop...which actually comes out to be closer to 36 miles.
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