Race Bible

Course maps – A large course map will be posted at the registration tent.  Please study it and feel free to ask questions.  You may also refer to the Geobetty map or download the gps files linked on our website.

First Aid – There will be first aid kits at all feed zones.  Be aware that much of the course is very remote and a serious injury requiring an evacuation will NOT occur in a timely manner.   El Paso does not have an air med service.  Your extraction will take place on a litter carried by rescue personnel or an ATV.  Take caution if you do not know this course.

WHAT YOU SHOULD CARRY WITH YOU – Other than normal “race stuff”, you should carry a bit more in regards to tire repair.  We suggest a spare tube with sealant, patch kit, plug kit, and a small container of tire sealant.  It is also suggested that you stash a spare tube in your drop bags for every feed zone.

Race Rules –
1.    Racers may receive Outside Food and Beverage handouts at Designated Open Feed Zones ONLY.
2.    Racers may only receive Outside Assistance at the Designated Pit Area(s). All repairs must be done by the individual racer, no other person may touch the bike. The Pit Area is designated by race officials. Racers may not leave the Course for any purpose. A racer may leave items inside the pit area, however the race promotion team assumes no responsibility for items left unattended.
3.    You MUST complete the entire race on the same bicycle frame and fork with which you started. All other parts can be switched out.
4.    You MUST be 18 years old to compete in the full marathon 50 miles (Not race age)
5.    E-bikes (pedal assist) are NOT allowed to race/register

2020 El Paso Puzzler
MTB Race Information
Welcome to the Bowen Ranch and the Franklin Mountain State Park, the largest urban state park in the nation.  Please read this information carefully so you can have a successful race and an enjoyable experience in prime Chihuahuan desert terrain.

Parking – Parking attendents will be on site to guide all racers/spectators to their parking spot.  Please respect campsites and the desert terrain.  

Camping – Camping will be in a designated spot which a race official will guide you to. The Puzzler is growing every year so we must maximize space for parking.  Do not make a campfire.  Please use the main fire pit near the start/finish.

Toilets – Located near the corrals and near the start finish.  Please to not dump in the desert.  Use the provided toilets.
Feed zones – There are three feed zones.  The first is at 6 miles at the venue.  50 mile racers will be passing through this feed zone twice.  It will be the last feed zone for the final 15 miles for the 50 mile racers.  There are 2 feed zones on the west side of the mountains located at about 15 and 25 miles. 35 and 50 milers will pass through these zones once.   You may have a drop bag taken to both zones but be aware that the bags may not be returned until around 5 pm.  There will be water and fruit in all feed zones.

Feed zone vehicles – Marked “FEED ZONE #1” at 15 miles (lower sunset) and “FEEDZONE #2” for 25 miles (end of the foothills loops).  Please have your drop back to the feed zone trucks by 7:50 am.  Bags may not be returned until around 5 pm.
Time Cut-­‐Offs – 6 miles – 10:00 am, 15 miles – 1:00 pm, 25 miles – 2:30 pm, 35 miles – 2:30 pm.  Cut riders will be prevented from continuing and transported back to the venue if necessary.